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Read the general terms and conditions for renting a car from Qrent

Terms & Conditions

Insurance policy

+ Insurance benefits

Qrent offers a fully comprehensive insurance package without excess (i.e. no driver’s responsibility), no deposit or the use of a credit card.

In case of an accident, fire or theft, the customer is fully covered at no extra cost.

If a replacement vehicle is required, it will be delivered to the customer in no more than 72 hours.

Booking Process
To make a reservation in our company are the following ways:
Via our website, E-Mail and telephone.
Reservations are only valid for the selected category and not for any particular model.
For reservations via our website or E-Mail, will also receive a confirmation throughout an E-Mail within 24 hours.
Reservations made within 24 hours only by telephone.

Insurance and Guarantees
Full Insurance with 0.00 Euro excess on all the cars.

Customer’s obligation in case of an accident

The customer’s only obligation in case of an accident, fire or theft, is to inform Qrent at once, send a picture of the vehicle and follow our staff’s directions, depending on the damage and the severity of the accident (eg. wait for the road assistant/the police etc).

The driver must never, in no circumstances, leave the car in case of an accident or damage. The rental company (and the police) must be informed immediately.

If the driver fails to inform the rental company and the police, and leaves the scene of the accident, the damage is not covered by any insurance and the customer is liable for the entire cost of the damage.

– Insurance expires or is no Longer Valid

The customer is liable for the following damages:
Loss or damage to keys, spare keys, carjack, gas cap, damage to the seat cushion, extreme dirt in or out of the car under body damage, damage due to negligence, fuel disturbances caused by defective or incorrect fuel (example diesel car to put unleaded gasoline or vice versa), damage to the Child and baby seats, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned on electrical devices, items that were stolen from the car or damaged in an accident.
QRent Thessaloniki is in no way obliged to exchange a car if you have a defective tire, damage to the radio or cigarette lighter (but we can help you with our 24H service, all of our cars are equipped with a first-rate or repair kit).
Qrent Thessaloniki not liable for damages or accidents that the driver was found driving in unconsciousness or by the influence of alcohol, and/or drugs etc. The same for damage or accidents which were arbitrarily provoked by the customer or outside the Street. In such cases shall be solely liable to the customer.
The driver must never leave the scene of an accident. In case of damage or accident, the driver must call our company so that the accident care (insurance company) and the traffic police (100) can be attended immediately.
Similarly, it has to wait for the arrival of the police so that they can create an accident report, a copy of which shall be lodged at return of the vehicle.
If you omit the car rental and call the police and do not meet the requirements of state law, the insurance does not cover damage and the renter shall be liable for the entire cost of damage emerging.
The police report should also state whether one of the drivers involved has been impaired by alcohol and / or drugs.
Even in the case of other damage to the rented vehicle, our car rental PROMPTLY should be informed, otherwise there will be costs.
With damage to the parked car, you have to inform us before the car is moved.
Customer must notify in case of theft of the car rental immediately and leave the car keys and the police report as soon as possible there.
In general, the customer is obliged to any type of vehicle damage the car hire IMMEDIATELY reported.
If this is not done, the customer is liable for all costs incurred. The minimum amount for processing is 100.-Eur.
Administrative fines and resulting from disregard of traffic regulations damage the sole responsibility of the tenant and are NOT covered by the insurance.
All rental cars will be insured for the maximum number of passengers. If the renter causes damage and is at fault, he must deposit the amount corresponding to the respective category as a deposit for the replacement of the vehicle and collect the car from our headquarters or pay the corresponding costs for delivery. In the event of damage, it is your responsibility to report the damage directly to us at the location where it was caused, otherwise there will be a charge for the damage.

The full insurance package is invalid and the customer is liable for damages or accidents caused due to:

  • disregard of the traffic regulations (use of alcohol, drugs, speed limit violation).
  • driving off road or on unsuitable road.
  • negligence of the driver and vehicle misuse(damage to the interior of the car, no electricity due to forgetting to switch off CD player or lights, extreme dirt, loss of triangle-first aid kit, mechanical failure due to misuse, loss or damage of car key, loss of child seats or GPS device)
  • incorrect fuel

Material Safety covers
– Car damage
– Car Theft
– Civil liability for:- Physical damage per third victim 1.220.000,00 Euro
– Damage per accident for third until 1.220.000,00 Euro
– Personal accident of driver for death, partial or total disability up to 12,000,00 Euro.

Fines and traffic regulations

Fines and damage caused by disregard of the traffic regulations are not covered by the insurance and the customer is the only responsible to pay the fine.

Reservation and payment

In order to reserve the rental car, the customer has to pay in advance the 30% of the total amount in the IBAN that will be sent to each customer’s email address and the rest 70% of the amount will be paid upon arrival at pickup of the rental car (in cash or by credit/debit card).

When the customer makes a reservation for a specific car class, it does not necessarily mean that the reservation made is for the specific car shown in the picture of each class.  Qrent has the right to provide you with an equivalent or higher value vehicle, at no extra cost, in case the chosen class is fully booked for the specific dates.

Necessary documents

Driver’s license / ID card

Driving licenses, EU, United States of America (USA), Australia, Canada and Russia are allowed, all other longer periods require an international driving license to rent a vehicle. The vehicle renter is responsible for bringing valid IDs with them. If documents are missing or duplicates are missing, there is no rental obligation on our part and no reimbursement of payments already made.

Please present your national or international driver’s license (valid for at least two years) and your ID or passport on the day of your arrival. The same applies for the 2nd driver. In case of missing documents, there is no rent obligation and no refund of payments already made –if any.

Driver’s age

The minimum age of the driver is 23 years and the maximum 72, at the start of the rental. Drivers up to 2 years younger (21 years old) or older (up to 74 years old) can still rent a car, with an extra charge of 50€/reservation. In any case, there must be a valid driver’s license for at least two years.

Fuel level

The vehicle must be returned at the fuel level specified in the rental agreement. If the vehicle is returned with a lower fuel level than received, the value of the missing fuel will be charged. In case of returning the car with more than agreed fuel, the company has no obligation of a refund.


The customer can cancel his/her reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the reservation, in any other case there will be extra charges. Qrent must be informed as soon as possible by email at: or by message at WhatsApp/Viber: +30 69 47 277 277.

In case of online prepayment, bank fees for any bank transaction may apply, and in this case the customer will be charged the extra cost.

Travelling by ship or crossing boarders

It is not allowed to travel by ship . The renter can ask Qrent for the special permission that is needed to travel by ship with some extra charges. The customer is fully liable for any damage caused during shipping. Crossing the Greek boarders is NOT allowed.

Telephone service in English-Greek-German
24-hour road assistance
Unlimited kilometers from the 4th rental day
Free pickup and delivery transfer from/to the airport

With the confirmed, your Order accepts the Terms and EU-DSGVO


If you cannot collect the vehicle at the time you specified, please let us know in good time, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled after 3 hours (as soon as your plane has landed.). No refund or credit can be given for a reservation that has not been made due to no-shows or lack of a driver’s license.

What happens if our flight is delayed?

We have the flight radar and can see exactly when you land. If there should be a delay within the working hours of the office, we will of course wait for you at no additional cost , otherwise if the delay is when the office is closed , of course we will wait for you with an extra charge of 20€ night delivery fee.

Force majeure
The Company is not responsible for non-receipt / delivery, cancellation or theft of the vehicle ground force majeure such as war, terrorism, virus etc.

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